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Professional Development

Author Visits

Informational Text in the Classroom to Meet Common Core Standards

Learn how to integrate nonfiction books into your classroom lessons to support the Common Core State Standards.


This presentation is aligned with the Professional Development Standards for New Jersey Education by helping educators to reach their goals of aligning their classroom lessons to the Common Core Standards by incorporating informational text, in the form of nonfictions books, into their lessons.


This presentation guides educators on how to use multiple sources of information to improve the impact of nonfiction books in the classroom. Educators will be empowered to improve the learning of all students by incorporating creative ways nonfiction books can be used in the classroom and by learning how to choose the quality nonfiction books they need.  This presentaton  will provide educators with a deeper understanding of how to use informational text and its content by providing examples of specific books and their texts.


"We enjoyed having Linda Bozzo as our guest speaker at our New Jersey Association of School Librarians 2013 Spring Meeting.  Her presentation on connecting non-fiction and the common core was extremely helpful to the over 100+ librarians in the room.  We were also thrilled to honor Linda with our 2013 NJASL Outstanding Author of the Year award. She was such a big hit, we were happy to have her present at our 2014 Annual Fall Conference."


Lisa B.

NJASL Member-at-Large 2013-2015

The Power of Using Mentor Texts to Transform Nonfiction Writing

Explore how students can use mentor texts to improve their writing skills.

Mentor texts can be a powerful tool that helps students across all grade levels to improve their writing skills. This workshop explores specific examples of how students can use mentor texts for everything from organization, structure, ideas, voice, repetition, and even word choice to transform their nonfiction writing with confidence. I share how I use mentor texts and how they can be used with students. Specific lessons for grades 1–5 are shared in this interactive workshop.

I have presented Professional Development sessions at schools, to members of the International Reading Association, the New Jersey Association of School Librarians, at the New Jersey Teacher's Association Conference, and at the Annual 2.0 2016 Media Specialist Symposium, to name a few.


Please contact me if your school or organization is interested in having me as your guest speaker.

My honorarium varies according to the venue.

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