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Writing Workshops

Creative Writing Workshops are available for students of all grade levels. I will motivate and inspire students to become better writers. Through group dynamics, using imaginative prompts and brainstorming exercises, students learn the basic elements of creating stories with clear beginnings, middles, and ends. Students will learn how to get their ideas down on paper and learn a fun revision process so they can walk away with the tools they need to create stories of their own. Tools used may include K-W-L charts, a story pyramid, and a five-step story starter. Please contact me for more information and for my rates.

Persuasive Writing Workshops

Persuasive writing presents reasons

and examples to influence action or 

thought. Students will have the opportunity

to review mentor texts , followed by a 

step-by-step writing lesson. Students are

then provided a list of topics and are asked

to form an opinion. This interactive workshop

teaches students how to clearly state their

opinions and provide specific examples that

support that opinion that can then be used

to write their persuasive essay. 

(45-60 minute workshop time)


Private Tutoring

Private writing tutoring sessions are available to students in surrounding communities. Contact me for rates and availability.

Private tutoring sessions are also available for student's in my surrounding communities.


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