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Animals Growing Up

Grades K-3

How Turtles Grow Up

Paperback ISBN: 9781978508316

Library Binding ISBN: 9781978507234

eBook also available

Baby turtles face many predators as they grow. But some of those who survive to become adults may live 50 years or more! Learn all about the lives of turtle hatchlings, such as what they eat and where they live. See them hatch from eggs and grow into full-grown shelled reptiles. Interesting facts and stunning photographs are sure to open the door to discussions about habitat, predators, and various other science-related topics. 

How Wolves Grow Up

Paperback ISBN: 9781978507241

Library Binding ISBN: 9781978508347

eBook also available

Readers will follow these playful pups from birth to when young wolves can hunt with the pack. Packed with incredible photographs and fascinating facts, this book is guaranteed to provide a howling good time while teaching science life concepts. A Words to Know section introduces readers to unfamiliar vocabulary before they encounter it in the narrative. 

How Seals Grow Up

Paperback ISBN: 9781978508266

Library Binding ISBN: 9785978507227

eBook also available

This book is filled with fun facts and vibrant photographs of adorable baby seals in their natural habitat. Following these marine mammals from birth, this book will enhance science collections. A glossary and index provide readers with additional support.

How Dolphins Grow Up

Paperback ISBN: 9781978508194

Library Binding ISBN: 9785978507197

eBook also available

Simple text and vibrant photographs will engage readers while teaching life science concepts. Fascinating facts about these baby mammals include how dolphins use their teeth to hold, not chew, their prey. See them grow from helpless babies into sleep, speedy swimmers.

How Giraffes Grow Up

Paperback ISBN: 9781978508255

Library Binding ISBN: 9785978507210

eBook also available

This book is supports the Next Generation Science Standards on growth and development of organisms, biodiversity, and social interactions in animals groups by exploring such details as how calves learn to stand within a half hour of being born, and how they protect themselves in the wild. Budding scientists can follow giraffe calves as they grow into independent adults. 

How Ducks Grow Up

Paperback ISBN: 9781978508224

Library Binding ISBN: 9785978507203

eBook also available

Staying close to their mother hen, ducks learn to swim and fly safely on their own before leaving the protection she provides. A Learn More section, with books and websites, provides the tools readers need to learn more about these lucky ducks.

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